Mission, vision, and student potential

Our initiative to start Peacework at the University of Toronto was motivated and inspired by the mission and vision of the Peacework organization, and by the fundamental belief in the potential and impact of the student community.

As the highest-ranking university in Canada, the University of Toronto is a place where motivated, intelligent, and passionate people come together to participate in something greater than themselves. In many ways, Peacework converges with that scheme. Students at the University of Toronto come from a variety of backgrounds, forming a cultural mosaic – one that is akin to the global scope of the work done by Peacework volunteers, forming an amalgamation of interests, languages, ethnicities, cultures, and attitudes. Overall, we are all here to improve ourselves through the process of learning. Similarly, Peacework aims to provide an opportunity for learning and growth, and seeks to engage motivated students in a global cause.

Here at PWUT, we strive to improve the quality of human life. If you are passionate about the search for cross-sector solutions, we encourage you to join us and become a member!



The PWUT Team

Why Join Peacework?

  • Gain hands-on experiential learning in an international setting
  • Network and meet other like-minded individuals
  • Provide support and assistance to grassroots NGOs in various developing nations
  • See the direct benefits of such support and assistance first-hand
  • Partake in something greater than yourself
  • International experience is a valued asset both personally and professionally
  • Learn resilience, adaptability, responsibility, and how to be an informed global citizen
  • Learn essential life lessons about the world and its cultures
  • Our $10 registration fee is very affordable!


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