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  1. Infrastructure/Construction:
  • Birth Centre improvements and expansion (kitchen, training center, painting, desks)

  • 3-5 new Birth Centers in surrounding communities

  • General health clinic by the Birth Centre

  • Water sanitation (wells, latrines, hand-washing stations, H20 containers for safe storage of water, etc.)

     2. Health Education:

  • Community Outreach support: house to house visits, health talks in schools (dependent upon Spanish speaking ability and medical training & experience)

  • Computer Health Information Training for nurses, health educators, midwives, or other members of the healthcare team

  •  Health data collection, entry, and analysis

  • Research on methodology and efficacy of community based healthcare service delivery models

     3. Environmental/Nutrition:

  • Home garden/Kitchen garden Programs
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Reforestation: Planting native trees for environmental conversation and availability of fuel for families