To join the Peacework team as an executive member or volunteer, please read the following description then scroll through to fill the application form:



  • Director of Finance: Responsible for managing the group's finances and applying for group funding. 

  • Director of Sponsorships & Grants: Responsible for securing external sponsorships and grants (at corporate and private levels) to help subsidize the costs of future mission trips. 

  • Director of Internal Recruiting: Responsible for recruiting student volunteers from University of Toronto - St. George Campus and current Peacework members to participate in mission trips 

  • Director of External Recruiting: Responsible for recruiting student volunteers from other universities and U of T campuses to participate in mission trips. 


  • Webmaster: Responsible for managing the Peacework website and its contents. 

  • Website Columnists: Responsible for regularly contributing written pieces to the Peacework website, including blog and other content-based submissions. 

  • Videographer/Video Editor: Responsible for creating/taking and editing promotional videos. 

  • Representative/General Volunteer: represent our campus group on-campus, assist the Peacework team throughout the year, organize meetings, seminars and social events.